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Analysis of correlation between HbA1 C and pulse ware velocity

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MI Shu-hua(Special Requirement Department,Anzhen Hospital(Beijing 100029,China))
WANG Nan-ye(Special Requirement Department,Anzhen Hospital(Beijing 100029,China))
YANG Hong-xia(Special Requirement Department,Anzhen Hospital(Beijing 100029,China))
TAO Hong(Special Requirement Department,Anzhen Hospital(Beijing 100029,China))
Journal Title:
Volume 3, Issue 08, 2008
Key Word:
Arteriosclerosis;HbA1C;Pulse wave velocity

Abstract: Objective To evaluate the correlation between HbA1C and pulse ware velocity(PWV).Methods 127 patients with diabetes mellitus was enrolled into two groups based on HbA1C level:1.Group with increased HbA1C(HbA1C>6.5%)and the control group(HbA1C≤6.5%).We measured the PWV and blood pressure,nitroglycerin,total cholesterol and blood plasma lipids of all the patients.Results PWV of the patients with HbA1C>6.5%were significantly higher than of that in control group(P<0.01).The HbA1C level and systolic pressure was correlated to PWV(P<0.01).Conclusion There Was strong correlation between HbA1C and PWV.The arteriosclerosis will become more severe if the blood glucose iS not controlled well.Controlling the blood glucose and blood pressure to a proper level is exceedingly important in prevention of complications of large blood vessels in patients with diabetes mellitus.

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