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Correlation between human metapneumovirus infection and wheezing disease in children

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LIAO Hua(Department of Pediatric, The Eighth Hospital of Shenzhen Shenzhen 518101, China)
ZHANG Shou-Bin()
ZOU Hong-mei()
WANG Xiao-juan()
GONG Hong-yu()
ZHONG Fu-xia()
HUANG Yan(Department of Pediatric, The Eighth Hospital of Shenzhen Shenzhen 518101, China)
LIN Ji-tao(Department of Pediatric, The Eighth Hospital of Shenzhen Shenzhen 518101, China)
Journal Title:
Volume 3, Issue 06, 2008
Key Word:
Wheezing; Human metapnumo virus; Respiratory syncytial virus

Abstract: Objective To investigate correlation between human metapneumovirus infection and wheezing Disease in children. Methods Seven common respiratory viruses extracted from nasopharyngeal secretion in 124children with Wheezing diseases were analyzed with immunofluorescent assay. Meanwhile, the hMPV gene was detected with RT-nPCR. Results Seventy positive cases were detected in all patients. Among them, 53(42.7% )were common respiratory viruses (39 Respiratory syncytial viruses RSV, 6 influenza virus, 5 adenovirus and 3 par influenza virus). Meanwhile, hMPV gene were detected in 17 cases (13.7%). 2 patients were infected with both RSV and hMPV. The age, gender and clinical manifestations of the children infected with RSV and with hMPV didnt show significant difference ( P > 0.05 ). Conclusion RSV was still the most commonly virus in children Wheezing Disease. Meanwhile, hMPV was another important pathogen. The clinical characteristics of the two viruses were similar.

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