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Clinic diagnosis and treatment of Dieulafoy with complicated gastrointestinal hemorrhage:a report of 16 cases

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WU Yi-huai(Department of Gastroenterology,Chenzhou No.1 People's Hospital(Chenzhou 423000,China) )
LI Kai(Department of Gastroenterology,Chenzhou No.1 People's Hospital(Chenzhou 423000,China) )
DENG Hui(Department of Gastroenterology,Chenzhou No.1 People's Hospital(Chenzhou 423000,China) )
Journal Title:
Volume 3, Issue 04, 2008
Key Word:
Dieulafoy;Gastrointestinal hemorrhage

Abstract: Objective To observe the clinic features,diagnosis and treatment of Dieulafoy.MethodsSixteen cases of Dieulafoy complicated with gastrointestinal bleeding were retrospectively analyzed.Results Thefirst occurring symptom was massive gastrointestinal hemorrhage.12 of 16 cases who received gastroscopy wereconfirmed of diagnosis.2 of 4 cases who took digital subtraction angiography(DSA)and 2 cases taking operationsalso had confirmed diagnosis.10 of 12 cases who were treated by endoscopy,2 cases taking embolization throughDSA and 4 cases who were operated were cured.Conclusion Gastroscopy examination is the most effective methodfor Dieulafoy.

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