16S rRNA methylase genes in ESBLs-producing Enterobacteriaceae

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SHEN Xiao-qiang(Department of Respiratory Medicine,Hangzhou Red Cross Hospital,Hangzhou 310003,China)
ZHOU Hua()
JI Shu-juan()
WEI Ze-qing()
XU Jian-pu(Department of Respiratory Medicine,Hangzhou Red Cross Hospital,Hangzhou 310003,China)
YU Yun-song()
LI Lan-juan()
Journal Title:
Volume 3, Issue 03, 2010
Key Word:
Beta-lactamases;Gene;16S rRNA methylase;Drug resistance;Plasmid

Abstract: Objective To investigate the prevalence and dissemination mechanism of 16S rRNA methylase genes in extended-spectrum beta-lactamases(ESBLs)-producing Enterobacteriaceae in China.Methods PCR amplification and DNA sequencing were used for screening and identifing 16S rRNA methylase genes and ESBLs genes.Minimal inhibitory concentrations(MICs)of the antimicrobial agents were detected by Etest.Conjugation and plasmid extract were performed to study dissemination mechanism of 16S rRNA methylase genes and ESBLs genes.Results Only one strain.Klebsiella oxytoca strain ZJ157 was screened as positive for armA gene from 447 ESBLs-producing isolates,which also contained CTX-M-15 and TEM-1 genes.It was resistant to aminoglycesides,ciprofloxacin,and most β-lactams,except carbapenems,polymyxin E and tigecyeline.Resistance to amikacin and β-lactams was transferred to a recipient Escherichia coli 600 by conjugation experiment.arntA.CTX-M-15 and TEM-1 genes were detected in the transconjugant.A plasmid about 55 kb was extracted from Klebsiella oxytoca ZJl57 and the transconjugant.Conclusions A 16S rRNA methylase gene armA was detected in an isolate of Klebsiella oxytoca.armA,CTX-M-15 and TEM-1 genes can be co-transferred in the same plasmid leading to multi-drug resistance.

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