Expressions of IFNγ,IP-10 and CXCR3 in infection-associated hemophagocytic syndrome and their clinical significance

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YU Ting-ting(Department of Clinical Laboratory,the Second People's Hospital of Linhai,Linhai 317016,China)
TONG Xiang-ming()
ZHU Li-fen()
YAO Hang-ping()
XIE Jun-jun()
GUO Xi-chao()
Journal Title:
Volume 3, Issue 02, 2010
Key Word:
Lymphohistiocytosis,hemophagocytic;Interferon-gamma;Interferon inducible protein-10;Chemokine receptor;Infection

Abstract: Objective To investigate the expressions of interferon γ(IFNγ), interferon inducible protein-10(IP-10). chemokine receptor CXCR3 and their significance in infection-associated hemophagocytic syndrome(IAHPS). Methods Forty-three patients with IAHPS, 35 infection patients without HPS and 25 healthy controls were included in the study. The serum IFNγ and IP-10 levels were measured by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay(ELISA). The expression of CXCR3 on cell surface of CD_4~+ and CD_8~+ T cells in peripheral blood was determined by flow cytometry. SPSS 13.0 was used for data processing, and independent-sample t test was performed to compare the differences among the groups. Results The serum IFNγ and IP-10 levels in patients with IAHPS were( 608±135) pmol/L and(939±141) pmol/L respectively, which were significantly higher than those in without HPS group[(154±45) pmol/L and (385±119) pmol/L, t=4.97 and 4.02, P<0.05] and healthy controls[(56±18) pmol/L and (248±98) pmol/L, t=5.27 and 4.77, P<0.05]. The expressions of CXCR3 on CD_4~+ and CD_8~+ T cells in IAHPS group were (35±11)% and (23±8)% respectively, which were significantly higher than those in without HPS group[(24±7)% and (16±7)%, t=3.12 and 3.62, P<0.05] and healthy controls[(20±6)% and (12±5)%, t=4.46 and 4.93, P<0.05]. Conclusion The expressions of IFNγ, IP-10 and CXCR3 are increased significantly in patients with IAHPS, which may be related to the disease pathogenesis.

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