Serum levels of soluble B7-H3 in patients with bacteremia and chronic hepatitis B and its clinical significance

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CHENG Jing(Department of Clinical Laboratory,The First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University,Suzhou 215006,China)
GU Guo-hao(Department of Clinical Laboratory,The First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University,Suzhou 215006,China)
ZHANG Guang-bo()
ZHANG Wei-li()
Journal Title:
Volume 1, Issue 03, 2008
Key Word:
Bacteremia;Chronic hepatitis B;Soluble

Abstract: Objective To investigate the seruln levels of solubl B7-H3(sB7-H3)in patients withbacteremia and in those with chronic hepatitis B(CHB),and its clinical significance.Methods Serumlevels of sB7-H3 from 50 bacteremia patients,78 CHB patients and 50 healthy individuals wero detected byEUSA,and its correlations with the quantities of leucocytes,neutrophils,lymphocytes and monocytes wereanalyzed.Results The average level of sB7-H3 in serum of bacteremia patients was(50.69±26.43)μg/ml which was higher than that of healthy group(P<0.01);serum sB7-H3 level of patients with CHB was(18.07±7.28)μg/ml,and it had no significant difference compared with that in the healthy group(P>0.05).Besides,positive correlations between the scrum sB7-H3 level in and the quantities of leucocytesand granulocytes were observed in bacteremia patients.Conclusions It suggests that sB7-H3 misht bepotentially used as a new parameter to improve the clinical diagnosis of bacteremia.

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