Characteristics of hepatic progenitor cells activation in liver tissues of patients with hepatitis B cirrhosis

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WU Nan(The Hepatology Institute of Peking University,Beijing 100044,China)
LIU Feng(The Hepatology Institute of Peking University,Beijing 100044,China)
MA Hui(The Hepatology Institute of Peking University,Beijing 100044,China)
ZHU Feng-xue()
LIU Zhi-da(The Hepatology Institute of Peking University,Beijing 100044,China)
FEI Ran(The Hepatology Institute of Peking University,Beijing 100044,China)
CHEN Hong-song(The Hepatology Institute of Peking University,Beijing 100044,China)
WANG Hao(The Hepatology Institute of Peking University,Beijing 100044,China)
WEI Lai(The Hepatology Institute of Peking University,Beijing 100044,China)
Journal Title:
Volume 1, Issue 03, 2008
Key Word:
Liver cirrhosis;Hepatic progenitor cells;Duetular reaction

Abstract: Objective To observe the characteristics of hepatic progenitor cells(HPCs)activation in liver tissues of patients with hepatitis B cirrhosis,and to investigate the relationship between the number of HPCs and HBV infection.Methods Cytokeratin 7(CK7)-was stained immunohistochemically in liver tissues of 16 patients with hepatitis B cirrhosis.HPCs and duetular reactions were quantitively analyzed.The expression of HBsAg and HBcAg were also detected to evaluate its relationship with HPCs activation.Results HPCs were extensively activated and marked duetular reactions can be observed in cirrhotic liver tissues.Tlle expression of HBsAg was positively correlated with HPCs activation.Conclusions HPCs are extensively activated in cirrhotic liver tissues,and HBV infection may facilitate its activation.

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