Relationship between skin carotenoid levels and individual's lifestyle

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ZHANG Ai-li(Shanxi Provencial People's Hospital,Xi'an 710068,China)
LI Bao-xia(Shanxi Provencial People's Hospital,Xi'an 710068,China)
LI Min(Shanxi Provencial People's Hospital,Xi'an 710068,China)
WU Min(Shanxi Provencial People's Hospital,Xi'an 710068,China)
CHEN Hui-juan(Shanxi Provencial People's Hospital,Xi'an 710068,China)
LIANG Tong(Shanxi Provencial People's Hospital,Xi'an 710068,China)
Journal Title:
Chinese Journal of Health Management
Volume 06, Issue 04, 2012
Key Word:

Abstract: Objective To explore the relation of skin carotenoid levels with lifestyle.Methods Complete clinical data of 493 adults who received health check-up in our hospital between December 2010 and December 2011were collected for this retrospective study.The relationship between skin carotenoid level and lifestyle was investigated.Results No strong relationship between skin carotenoid level and age,education level,occupation and marriage status was found ( x2 values were 2.150,6.443,4.560 and 2.028,respectively; all P >0.05 ).However,skin carotenoid was significantly correlated with dietary variety,intake of fruits and vegetables,exercise frequency,cigarette smoking,passive smoking,mood,sleeping and gender( x2 values were 520.234,89.936,4.002,81.428,154.271,84.871,11.546 and 2.150,respectively ; all P <0.05 ).Conclusions Our data suggest a relationship between lifestyle and skin carotenoid level.Skin carotenoid assessment may help to detect bad lifestyle in time.

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