Risk prediction of diabetes in Chinese adults

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MA Ai-juan(Department of Social Medicine and Health Education, School of Public health,Peking University Health Science Center, Beijing100191, China)
LIU Ai-ping(Department of Social Medicine and Health Education, School of Public health,Peking University Health Science Center, Beijing100191, China)
WANG Pei-yu(Department of Social Medicine and Health Education, School of Public health,Peking University Health Science Center, Beijing100191, China)
LI Er-man()
WANG Shi-xin()
LI Ming()
Journal Title:
Chinese Journal of Health Management
Volume 06, Issue 04, 2012
Key Word:
Diabetes mellitus;Adult;Mass screening;Risk prediction

Abstract: Objective To evaluate the use and effectiveness of Human-Computer Interaction (HC1) -based risk prediction of diabetes among Chinese adults.Methods HCI-based risk prediction of diabetes was performed in 639 non-diabetics aged 23 to 61years old.Risk prediction results,main risk factors of diabetes and helpful suggestions were reported and used for self-management.After l-year follow-up,the participants received another assessment to find the changes of disease risk and risk factors.Non-parametric or Chi-square test was used for comparison of continuous or categorical variables,respectively.Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) curve was used to calculate the sensitivity and specificity of HCI.Results After1-year follow-up,the incidence of diabetes per year was1.4%,and all newly diagnosed diabetes was found in high-risk individuals.The proportion of high-risk individuals was 56.8% and 57.9%before and after follow-up ( x2 =0.36,P > 0.05 ).In comparison with baseline,average risk score of high-risk individuals was significantly declined ( 2.25 vs 2.91,Z =- 4.32,P < 0.05 ).Oversized waist circumstance,higher total cholesterol (TC) and lower high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) was identified in 76.2%,36.2% and 3.8% of high risk individuals at1year,lower than those of baseline ( 87.3%,42.2% and12.4%,respectively ; x2 values were 30.56,6.05 and 22.26,respectively; all P <0.05) ; although the prevalence of hypertension was higher (23.5% vs18.1%,x2 =11.11,P<0.05).Conclusions HCI and effective control of risk factors could prevent the development of diabetes in high risk individuals.

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