Food intake pattern and dyslipidemia in air force pilots

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DU Peng(Institute of Aviation Medicine, Beijing 100142, China)
YANG Chang-lin(Institute of Aviation Medicine, Beijing 100142, China)
LUO Li-hua(Institute of Aviation Medicine, Beijing 100142, China)
WANG Ruo-yong(Institute of Aviation Medicine, Beijing 100142, China)
MU Hui-ling(Institute of Aviation Medicine, Beijing 100142, China)
LI Tong(Institute of Aviation Medicine, Beijing 100142, China)
ZHANG Ke(Institute of Aviation Medicine, Beijing 100142, China)
ZHANG Qing-jun(Institute of Aviation Medicine, Beijing 100142, China)
Journal Title:
Chinese Journal of Health Management
Volume 05, Issue 06, 2011
Key Word:
Dyslipidemias;Diet;Nutrition surveys

Abstract: Objective To investigate current dietary and dyslipidemia status of air force pilots.Methods Energy expenditure was calculated by using daily-activity-recording method.Dietary survey was performed through weighing method.Body measurements were carried out according to military criteria.Double agent enzymic method was used to detect blood lipid profiles.The results were compared in 1997 and 1982.t or x2 test was used for data analysis.Results Excessive energy consumption and highprotein and fat or low-carbohydrate intake was found in the participants.Energy from fat or carbohydrate accounted for 47.3% and 37.9%,respectively.Obesity and overweight was found in 20.8% air force pilots,and hypertriglyceridemia and hypercholesterolemia occurred in 47.9% and 17.7%,respectively.Conclusion Dietary pattern and energy metabolism are inappropriate in air force pilots as a result of dyslipidemia.

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