Effect of community general health management on outcome of hypertension

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XU Jin(The First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University ,Suzhou 215006,China)
ZHOU Zheng-ta()
ZHOU Ju-fen()
CHEN Jian-xun()
Journal Title:
Chinese Journal of Health Management
Volume 05, Issue 05, 2011
Key Word:
Hypertension;Exercise;Health management

Abstract: Objective To investigate the effect of health management on hypertension control.Methods Patients with high blood pressure and hypertensive risk factors were selected from two communities in Suzhou City of Jiangsu Province.The subjects were then randomly assigned to 2 groups(63 in each group).One group received comprehensive health management for the prevention and treatment of hypertension,and the other group received traditional anti-hypertensive treatment.Systolic blood pressure (SBP),diastolic blood pressure(DBP),and medicine cost were compared at 1 year.Results In the health management group,blood pressure and its related risk factors were effectively controlled,and the mean SBP or DBP was(130.06 ± 17.51)mm Hg or(81.81 ± 8.75)mm Hg(1 mm Hg =0.133 kPa),respectively.The cost of anti-hypertensive medicine of the health management group was largely decreased.Conclusion General health management shows a better anti-hypertensive effect than traditional therapy.

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