Effects of health education on modified lifestyle and behavior in migrant workers

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CHEN Jun-sheng(Gaofeng Community Health Center, People's Hospital of Longhua in Baoan District, Shenzhen 518109, China)
XIANG Li-qiang()
ZHANG Chun-mei()
CAI Shi-yu()
Journal Title:
Volume 05, Issue 01, 2011
Key Word:
Health education;Behavior;Migrant workers

Abstract: Objective To observing the effects of health education on modified lifestyle and behavior patterns among migrant workers. Methods Individuals from two factories were randomly assigned to the intervention group ( n = 262 ; men 129, women 133 ; mean age 31.8) and the control group ( n = 147 ;men 75, women 72; mean age 31.8). The intervention group received 4-months' health education before changes of awareness of health knowledge, cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption, physical activities,mental health and medical consultation. Results In the intervention group, the awareness of the risk of cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption and normal levels of blood pressure and obesity was significantly improved at 4 months(χ2 =59.65, 47.69, 19.50, and 30. 17; all P<0. 01 ). However, no significant improvement in awareness of AIDS was found in the intervention group. Of the intervention group, some unfavorable lifestyles and behavior patterns were modified ( cigarette smoking χ2 = 4.50 ; altitude toward clinic visit χ2 = 7.09 ; both P<0. 05 ). Conclusion Health education could help to improve the awareness of health knowledge and modify lifestyle and behavior patterns of migrant workers.

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