Development of multidimensional serf-report health measurement tool

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WU Liu-xin(Institute of Aviation Medicine, Beijing 100142, China)
QIANG Dong-chang(Institute of Aviation Medicine, Beijing 100142, China)
SHI Lü-jiang(Institute of Aviation Medicine, Beijing 100142, China)
TIAN Jing-fa()
PAN Li()
CHU Jun-jie()
Journal Title:
Volume 05, Issue 01, 2011
Key Word:
Health status;Adult;Health management

Abstract: Objective To develop a multidimensional self-report health measurement scale for accurate evaluation of health status in Chinese adults. Methods Delphi method was used to select health measurements. Item database was set up based on available questionnaires. A total of 1858 individuals from Beijing, Hebei ,Tianjin, Shanxi and other provinces of China received field pretest. Results A self-report health assessment tool with 90 items was developed, Cronbach a coefficient of which was 0. 669 to 0. 917,split-half reliability 0. 572 to 0. 877, and test-retest reliability 0. 693 to 0. 896. Six factors from exploratory factor analysis accounted for 71.732% total variance,with the common factor>0.4. Confirmatory factor analysis showed good fit index and construct validity. Conclusion The newly developed self-rated health measurement scale ,which involves six dimensions and 90 items ,shows good reliability and validity.

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