Effect of health management on quality of life of hypertensive patients living in underdeveloped rural regions

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LI Xing-ming(School of Health Administration and Education,Capital Medical University,Beijing 100069,China)
ZHANG Yu-zhen()
HUANG Jian-shi()
HAN Wan-zhong()
SHI Hai-bin()
Journal Title:
Volume 04, Issue 05, 2010
Key Word:
Hypertension;Quality of life;Health management

Abstract: Objective To evaluate the effectiveness of health management on quality of life of hypertensive patients living in underdeveloped rural regions. Methods Minqin County of Gansu Province was taken as research field, and health education covered all the population. Individual follow-up was adopted by quasi-experiment,and SF-8 scale was used to evaluate the change of scores of quality of life at baseline and the end of the study. Results The score of various dimension of quality life of interventive group showed a significant decrease at the end of follow-up ( P < 0. 05) , and the net score of general health status was 10. 92,the net score of impact to social role exerted by physical function was 9. 59,and the net score of social function was 4.61. Moreover, there was statistical difference between the intervention group and the control group for their quality of life(P <0. 05) , which showed in detail that each dimension of quality of life of the intervention group had higher score than that of the control group, after adjusting baseline difference by analysis of covariance. Conclusions All these results suggest that the active screening, following up and health education, conducted by the primary health care staff of township hospitals, under the idea of health management, can improve the quality of life of hypertension patients effectively in the rural area of underdeveloped region.

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