Physiological and biochemical reaction of anxiety among individuals with different special characteristics under military stress

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WANG Li-jie(The 107th Hospital of People's Liberation Army, Yantai 264002, China)
DONG Zhao-lun(The 107th Hospital of People's Liberation Army, Yantai 264002, China)
YAN Jin()
YU Jun(The 107th Hospital of People's Liberation Army, Yantai 264002, China)
DONG Jian-shu()
LIU Ai-li()
Journal Title:
Volume 04, Issue 04, 2010
Key Word:
Physhology,military;Anxiety;Pysiological processes

Abstract: Objective To understand the difference between psychological characteristics and stress response as a result of military stress and to evaluate the rate of stress response among individuals with different psychological characteristics.Methods The State-Trait Anxiety Inventory,blood pressure,breath,pulse wave,and serum levels of lactate acid and cortisol were measured at 8 to 9 am for 372 servicemen following 15 days'training.Results In 97 subjects ,the value of special characteristic anxiety Was 2-standard deviation higher than normal model(i.e.high special characteristic anxiety).and low special characteristic anxiety was found in 79.The condition anxiety of 2 standard deviation higher than normal model wag found in 172 participants.A total of 132 subjects showed significant changes in condition anxiety,serum cortisol and lactic acid,and systolic blood pressure(P<0.01).Sixty-one or 71 subjects with high or low special characteristic anxiety experienced condition anxiety,changed serum cortisol and lactic acid,and systolic blood pressure,respectively.Conclusion Psychological characteristics may be considered as a predicting factor of stress response.

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