Effect of body weight management on community residents with over-weight or obesity

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YANG Zheng-xiong(Non-communicable Disease Control and Prevention Center, Disease Control and Prevention Center of China, Beijing 100050, China)
WANG Hui-cheng()
FENG Ya-jing()
YAN Liu-xia()
BAI Ya-min()
ZHANG Xiao-fei()
ZHAO Wen-hua()
Journal Title:
Volume 04, Issue 03, 2010
Key Word:
Overweight;Obesity;Central obesity;Community health services;Weight management

Abstract: Objective To study the effect of body weight management on community residents with over-weight or obesity.Methods Chronic Disease Management Information System was used to establish personal health profile for 10 560 individuals with over-weight or obesity(4660 men and 5900 women,average age 58±12 years).Guide for individualized food intake,physical activity were given to these participants for an average of 9±6 months (range,1 to 32 months) with a following up.The change of body weight before and after the intervention was nalyzed.Statistical software(SPSS 12.0) wag used for the data analysis,the frequencies,rate and trend were analysised by the chi-square test,the means in quatitaitve data was analyzed by the paired t-test.P valuse for statistiacal significance is set for 0.05.Results A total of 9848 participants showed no change in body weight,although weight decrease or increase was seen in 499 and 213,respectively.Before and after the intervention,the proportion of weight remained,decrease or increase among over-weisht + central obesity individuals was 92.3%(6290/6817),5.9%(403/6817) and 1.8% (124/6817);95.5%(2888/3024),2.8%(84/3024) and 1.7%(52/3024) among the simple overweight or obesity group;and 93.2%(670/719),1.7%(12/719)and 5.1%(37/719) among the simple central obesity group,separately.Conclusions Body-weight management among central obesity individuals with over weight in communities is a more effective way of in terms of individule intervention than those individuals only with single over-weight,obesity or central obesity status.

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