Application of health card service pattern in community health services

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WANG Jian-hui(Dongcheng District Administration for Community Health Services, Beijing 100010, China)
WANG Pei-hua(Dongcheng District Administration for Community Health Services, Beijing 100010, China)
NI Dong()
Journal Title:
Volume 3, Issue 04, 2009
Key Word:
Community health services;Health education;Chronic disease

Abstract: Objective To discuss the effects of the health card-based services on community chronic disease management and the utility of community healthcare resources. Methods Follow-up investigation on utilization and satisfaction of card-based health services and coverage of chronic illness management was conducted among cardholder living at Dongcheng District of Beijing during July 1,2006 and December 31,2008. Results The rates of attendance and health education increased from 47.20% or 1.16% to 90.90% and 46.38% ,respectively. The coverage of high blood pressure management and standard hypertension management increased from 47.16% or 45.66% to 80.39% and 78.27%, respectively. The satisfaction of cardholder residents with community healthcare services was improved year by year. Conclusions The health card service pattern plays a significant role in improving chronic disease management,which results in more satisfaction with and utilization of healthcare resources in community.

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