Effect of eommunity-based family visit on metabolic syndrome

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DENG Jian-zhong(Department of Medicine,The People's Ping,ban Hospital,Shenzhen 518118,China)
YOU Xiao-mei(Department of Medicine,The People's Ping,ban Hospital,Shenzhen 518118,China )
CHEN Xian-hui(Department of Medicine,The People's Ping,ban Hospital,Shenzhen 518118,China )
WU Ying-hong(Department of Medicine,The People's Ping,ban Hospital,Shenzhen 518118,China )
LI Cheng(Department of Medicine,The People's Ping,ban Hospital,Shenzhen 518118,China )
LIAO Yun-biao(Department of Medicine,The People's Ping,ban Hospital,Shenzhen 518118,China )
Journal Title:
Volume 2, Issue 05, 2008
Key Word:
Community health services;Metabolic syndrome X;Family visiting

Abstract: Objective To determine the effect of community family visit on patients with metabolic syndrome.Methods According to the diagnostic criteria set up by the Diabetes Society of the Chinese Medical Association 220 patients with metabolic syndrome were equally divided into two groups:family visit group and control group.The family visit group was followed up by full-time medical staff regularly,while not interfering with the control group.After one year before and after the intervention,the relevant indicators were compared between the two groups.Results The levels of SBP,DBP,TG,TC,LDL-ch,24-hour urine protein were lowered markedly by intervention (P<0.05).HDL-ch increased compared to the previous (t= 7.921,P<0.05),but body mass index were not significantly changed.Before and after the intervention the levels of SBP,DBP,TG were ideal This was followed by significant improvement of fasting plasma glucose (FPG),two hours after meal blood glucose (2 hPG),TC,HDL set standards,24-hour urine protein body mass index.Compared with the control group,the family visit group showed siguificant improvement of related indicators except body mass index and TC.Condusion Intervention by family visit is effective in improving the vales of metabolic syndrome.

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  • [1]注:1 mm Hg=0.133 kPa;-表示没有进行统计学检验
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