Changes of plasma p-selectin and nitric oxide in patients with pregnancy induced hypertension

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Chen Jianlin()
LIN Yizhen()
WANG Chenghong()
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Volume 36, Issue 01, 2001
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Abstract: Objective To study the roles of P-selectin and nitric oxide (NO) on the etiology of pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH). Methods The levels of plasma P-selectin and nitrite and nitrate (NO2-/NO3-) were determined in 36 patients with PIH. The data were compared with those of normal pregnant group (n=18) and healthy non-pregnant group (n=19). The levels of plasma P-selectin were measured by means of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and levels of plasma NO2-/NO3- were measured by Griess reaction after the nitrate was reduced by a Cadmium-reduction method. Results  The results showed: (1)The level of P-selectin in the normal pregnant group (48.92±15.16) μg/L was higher than that in non-pregnant group [(30.16±8.42) μg/L, P<0.001]. There was no significantly statistical difference in the levels of P-selectin between the normal pregnant group and the mild PIH group (P>0.05). The levels of P-selectin in the moderate and severe PIH group (70.11±17.65) μg/L were higher than those in the mild PIH group [(47.33±17.95) μg/L, P<0.01] and the normal pregnant group (P<0.001). (2)The concentration of NO2-/NO3- in normal pregnant group was higher than that in non-pregnant group (P<0.01). The concentration of NO2-/NO3- in PIH group were lower than was in normal pregnant group (P<0.001). The NO2-/NO3- in mild group was lower than that in normal pregnant group (P<0.001). The Plasma concentration of NO2-/NO3- in moderate and severe PIH group was lower than that of mild group (P<0.05). (3) There was a negative correlation between the plasma concentration of P-selectin and NO2-/NO3- in the PIH group. Conclusion The changes of plasma levels of P-selectin and NO are related to the occurrence and development of PIH.

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