Pulmonary embolism due to the right atrial thrombus mymicking atrial myxoma

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Damir Fabijani(c)(Division of Cardiology, Split University Hospital Centre Split,Croatia)
Igor Rude(z)(Division of Cardiac Surgery, University Hospital Dubrava, Zagreb,Croatia)
Mislav Radi(c)(Division of Cardiology, Split University Hospital Centre Split,Croatia)
Daniel Uni(c)(Division of Cardiac Surgery, University Hospital Dubrava, Zagreb,Croatia)
Davor Bari(c)(Division of Cardiac Surgery, University Hospital Dubrava, Zagreb,Croatia)
Du(s)ko Kardum(Division of Cardiac Surgery, University Hospital Dubrava, Zagreb,Croatia)
Journal Title:
Volume 123, Issue 17, 2010
Key Word:
atrial, myxoma;embolism, pulmonary;echocardiography;thrombus


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