Radical correction of Budd-Chiari syndrome

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Journal Title:
Volume 120, Issue 08, 2007
Key Word:
hepatic vein thrombosis;radical correction;Budd-Chiari syndrome

Abstract: Background Interventional therapy is widely accepted as the first choice for the treatment of the Budd-Chiari syndrome,but the use of radical correctional therapy should not be discarded. This study describes radical correction by controlling bleeding from distal end of pathological segment of the inferior vena cava (IVC) and discusses potential surgical errors and postoperative complications.Methods Of the 216 patients in the study, 78 were treated with simple membranectomy, 64 with dissection of the pathological segment of the IVC and vascular prosthesis or pericardial patch plasty, 60 with resection of the pathological segment of the IVC and orthotopic graft transplantation with vascular prosthesis, and 14 with resection of the occlusive main hepatic vein and its upper IVC, hepatic venous outflow plasty and vascular prosthesis orthotopic graft transplantation from the hepatic venous entrance to the IVC of right atrial ostium.Results Except 14 cases who were discharged after hepatic vein outflow plasty, four cases died postoperatively, and 198 patients were discharged without complications. The symptoms of 15 patients were relieved partially and 2 without any change. There were no deaths intraoperatively. Of the 112 cases who were followed up for 72 months, 13 suffered from a relapse.Conclusions Radical correction is a beneficial therapy in the treatment of Budd-Chiari syndrome.

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