Relationship between mutations of mitochondrial DNA ND1 gene and type 2 diabetes

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Volume , Issue 07, 2004
Key Word:
mitochondrial DNA;diabetes mellitus;gene mutation

Abstract: Background Recent studies have indicated that many mutations in mitochondrial (mt)DNA NDI gene region are related to diabetes mellitus. In this study we explored the relationship between various mtDNA ND1 gene mutations and type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM) among Chinese. Methods Using PCR restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) analysis and gene sequencing, 4 spots of mtDNA (nt3243, nt3316, nt3394, nt3426) were screened in 478 diabetics and 430 non-diabetic subjects.Results In diabetic group, there were 13 carriers (2.72%)of 3316 G→A mutation,12 (2.51%) of 3394 T→C mutation and 2 (0.42%) of 3426A→G mutation. In controls, only 3394 T→C mutation was observed in 2 subjects (0.47%). There was significant difference in the frequency of 3316 and 3394 mutation between two groups (P<0.05, respectively). More subjects with mitochondrial DNA ND1 gene mutations had DM family history and greater tendency of maternal inheritance when compared to those patients without mutation in diabetic group(P<0.01). A 3426 mutation diabetic pedigree was studied, and we found 12 maternal members in the family had the same mutation. Conclusion mtDNA ND1 gene mutations at nt3316 (G→A), nt3394 (T→C) and 3426 (A→G) might contribute to the pathogenesis of DM with other genetic factors and environment factors.

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