Effect of puerarin on the expression of pigment epithelium-derived factor in the rat diabetic retinopathy

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SONG Han(Department of Ophthalmology Heilongjiang Provincial Hospital,Harbin 150036,China)
TENG Yan()
YANG Ming-ming()
Journal Title:
Journal of Chinese Physician
Volume 14, Issue 09, 2012
Key Word:
PUERARIN/therapeutic use;Diabetic retinopathy/ZHONG YAO LIAO FA;Nerve growth factors/metabolism;Rats

Abstract: Objective To investigate the effect of puerarin on the expression of pigment epithelium-derived factor (PEDF) in the retina of diabetic rats.Methods The diabetic retinopathy rat model was established.Rats were randomly divided into three groups (normal,diabetic,and diabetic with puerarin injection).The pathological changes of the retinopathy were examined.PEDF was analyzed with PCR in different time point.Results Body weight of diabetic group [ ( 216.9 ± 8.37 ) g,and(179.1 ±7.56)g] was compared with normal group[ (298.2 -±6.78)g,and(323.5 -±6.45)g] in the 3 month and 5 month ( q =12.39,P <0.01 ; q =15.47,P <0.01 ).Blood glucose of diabetic group and diabetic with puerarin injection group was compared with normal group at each time point ( P < 0.01,P < 0.05 ).HE staining of the retina of diabetic rats indicated a diabetic retinopathy occurred in the early - stage in diabetic group,but changed slightly in the diabetic model with an injection of puerarin.The PEDF expression at the 5 month time point in normal group,diabetic group,and diabetic group with puerarin injection was 8.833 (1.200),1.650(3.300),and 8.350( 1.100),respectively.Compared with normal group and diabetic group with puerarin injection,the level of PEDF was significantly decreased in diabetic group (x2 =48.57,P < 0.01 ;x2=48.46,P < 0.01 ).Conclusions Puerarin can alleviate the retinal pathological damage of diabetic rats,early intervention with puerarin can prevent from the expression of PEDF and delay the diabetic retinopathy process.

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