Evaluation of multi-phase CT scanning for the liver transplantation

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ZHENG Hong(Department of Radiology, Hunan Tumor Hospital, Changsha 410013, China)
YU Xiao-ping(Department of Radiology, Hunan Tumor Hospital, Changsha 410013, China)
CHEN Wei()
YANG Shuang(Department of Radiology, Hunan Tumor Hospital, Changsha 410013, China)
Journal Title:
Journal of Chinese Physician
Volume 14, Issue 09, 2012
Key Word:
Hepatic artery/radiography;Liver transplantation;Tomography,spiral computed;Angiography/methods

Abstract: Objective To evaluation application of MSCTA technology in pre-and pro-liver transplantation.Methods Thirty - two patients with liver transplantation were performed with multi-phase CT scanning (MSCT).In hepatic artery and portal phase vascular 3D imaging reconstruction methods include multiple planar reconstruction ( MPR),maximum intensity projection ( MIP),volume rendering (VR).MIP images were measured with these parameters (CA,LGA,CHA,PHA,PV,SV,SMV in diameter).Results Hepatic arterial vascular imaging scan can show clearly within the scope of the abdominal aorta,gastroduodenal artery,hepatic artery,the left hepatic,celiac trunk,and its branches.Portal vascular imaging clearly showed that the portal vein system.MIP can use accurate measurement of vascular diameter abdominal aorta and portal,superior mesenteric vein,and splenic vein diameter.Control group with liver cirrhosis and liver cancer artery diameter had no significant difference in patients with portal hypertension and the portal vein [ ( 16.7 ± 2.4 ) mm ],mesenteric vein [ ( 10.8 ± 2.1 ) mm ],and splenic vein diameter [(13.1±1.9)mm] compared to the control group[(13.8 ±1.6)mm,(8.2 ±1.7)mm,(8.9±1.1)mm ],the difference was statistically significant ( P < 0.05 ). Conclusions MSCTA can show the liver artery and portal vein system of the non-invasive method of checking,Joint MIP and VR application can provide more clinical liver transplant before the hepatic artery and portal vein of information,liver transplantation arteriovenous anastomoses provides for the monitoring of vascular diameter.

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