Staging-based minimally invasive treatment for esophageal carcinoma

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FU Jian-hua(Department of Thoracic Oncology,Cancer Center, Sun Yat-sen University, State Key Laboratory of Oncology in Southern China, Guangzhou 510060, China)
Journal Title:
Chinese Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery
Volume 15, Issue 09, 2012
Key Word:
Esophageal neoplasms ; Surgical procedures, minimally invasive ; Staging

Abstract: Along with continuous improvement of clinical staging modalities and endoscopic instrument and skills,the staging-based minimally invasive treatment for esophageal carcinoma has been firmly guaranteed,because of more accurate pretreatment staging and more mature minimally invasive technique.Different minimally invasive treatment should be provided to patients with different stage.On the premise of assurance of treatment,it would minimize trauma,accelerate rehabilitation,and improve quality of life.

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