A state survey of metabolic syndrome in Suzhou elderly residents aged 70 years and over

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LU Hong-hong()
GUO Zhi-rong()
CHEN Feng-mei()
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Volume 19, Issue 04, 2011
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Abstract: Objective To investigate the prevalence of the metabolic syndrome (MS) of the elderly residents aged 70 years and over in Suzhou. Methods We analyzed data on 2552 residents aged 70 years or older from a cross section health survey of Suzhou. Anthropometry data, economic situation, life habits, history of chronic diseases and medical state were collected. Weight, height, blood pressure were measured. The fasting serum levels of glucose, insulin, HDL-C and TG were detected. MS was defined by IDF-2005. Results The prevalence of MS was 21.8%, with 11.8% in male and 29.2% in female. The prevalences of obesity, high TG,low HDL-C,high blood sugar and hypertension were 48.7%, 18.5%, 5.6%, 28.7%, 67.4% respectively. 78.2% male and 90.1% female had one or more components of MS. The female prevalence of MS was decreased along with ageing. The major risk factors for MS were age, sex, BMI, HOMA-IR, family histories of hypertension and diabetes, physical exercise, and economic income. Conclusion The prevalence of MS is high in Suzhou elderly residents, especially in aged female.

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