Study of balance and motor ability in diabetic peripheral neuropathic patients

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JU Hai-bing()
SHU Zi-zhen()
ZHU Zi-yin()
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Volume 16, Issue 06, 2008
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Abstract: Objective To evaluate balance and motor ability in diabetic neuropathic patients.Methods One-leg standing tests with eyes opened and closed,grip strength,anterior flexion in sitting position,side flexion in standing position,20s stepping,3-minute 10m shuttle walk were compared and analyzed between diabetic neuropathic group(n=32)and control group(n=28).Results The following data were significantly lower in DPN group than in NC group:right leg standing with eyes closed(10.8±6.7s vs 20.0±8.3s);grip strength of right hand(18.67±4.28kg vs 24.36±5.09kg);anterior flexion in sitting position(4.36±4.01cm vs 7.12±6.30cm),side flexion in standing position(9.48±7.63cm vs 12.96±8.46cm);sit-ups(10.42±6.16 vs 17.38±8.43);20s stepping(17.46±6.96 vs 24.77±5.86);3-minute 10m shuttle walk(198.67±41.89m vs 230.48±45.69m).Conclusion Balance and motor ability of diabetic peripheral neuropathic patients were obviously decreased,which is a risk factor for falling.

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