Relationship of the level of serum C peptide with albumin-to-creatinine ratio and nerve conduction velocity in type 2 diabetes mellitus

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CHEN Xiao-lei()
SONG Dian-ping()
LUO Ping()
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Volume 16, Issue 06, 2008
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Abstract: Objective To investigate the relationship of the level of serum C-peptide(C-P)with albumin-to-creatinine ratio(ACR)and nerve conduction velocity(NCV)in patients with T2DM.Methods The study included 132 patients with T2DM and 30 healthy controls.The NCV,ACR,fasting C-P and C-P at 2hOGTT(FC-P and 2hC-P)and plasma glucose(PG)were measured.The patients were separated into three groups of Ⅰ(45 cases),Ⅱ(52 cases)and Ⅲ(35 cases).The patients were further classified into two groups of normal NCV(70 cases)and abnormal NCV(62 cases).Results ①The differences of FC-P and 2hC-P among the ACR groups were significant(all P<0.05).②The ACR was correlated with course,2hC-P,2hPG significantly(all P<0.01).The sequence of the impact degree on ACR was from course(Beta:0.592)to 2hC-P(Beta:-0.297)and to 2hPG(Beta:0.201).③The levels of serum 2hC-P were significantly and gradually decreased in the groups of NCV(P<0.01).④The serum 2hC-P concentration was associated with ACR and NCV in different stages(P<0.01).Conclusions ①The level of serum C-P is tightly correlated with the vascular and neural dysfunction in T2DM.②Course,2hPG and 2hC-P may be the risk factors for ACR

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