The relationship of hyperhomocysteinemia and diabetic neuropathy

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SHI Xiao-hong()
CHEN Ying-hui()
ZHOU Lian-hua()
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Volume 16, Issue 06, 2008
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Abstract: Objective To investigate the level of homocysteinemia in type 2 diabetes mellitus with neuropathy,and observe the effect of medical intervention of hyperhomocysteinemia on diabetic neuropathy.Methods 200 patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus plus neuropathy and 200 control were collected.Patients with diabetic neuropathy plus hyperhomocysteinemia were divided into two groups:medical intervention group(15mg/d folic acid,20mg/d vitamin B6)and control group.The level of homocysteinemia in plasma was measured,and neuropathy score was evaluated by clinical and electrobiological methods before and three months after treatment.Results The morbidity of hyper-homocysteinemia in type 2 diabetes mellitus with neuropathy was 40%,and the levels of homocysteinemia was higher in treatment group than in control(P<0.05).Compared with the control,the levels of homocysteinemia in group of medical intervention was lower(P<0.01),and neuropathy score and nerve conductive velocity showed an obviously improvement after 3-month-treatment(P<0.05).Conclusions Hyperhomocysteinemia is an independent risk factor for diabetic neuropathy in humans.Efficiently intervening the levels of homocysteinemia could improve the electrobiological activity and neuropathy score.

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