Analysis of the clinical features of type 2 diabetes mellitus patients complicated with coronary heart disease

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WU Bei()
CHEN Hong()
REN Jing-yi()
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Volume 16, Issue 04, 2008
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Abstract: Objective To analyze the clinical features of type 2 diabetes mellitus(DM)patients complicated with coronary heart disease(CHD).Methods 336 DM patients undergoing coronary angiography were divided into two groups:DM with CHD(n=267)and DM without CHD(n=69).General conditions,lipid profiles,glycemic control,other serum biochemical parameters and inflammatory parameters were detected and compared.And then,logistic regression analysis was used to find the independent risk factors for CHD in DM patients.Results There were several differences between DM with and without CHD in parameters including DM duration(P=0.038),smoking history(P=0.000),W/H ratio(P=0.000),HDL-C(P=0.006),FPG(P=0.000),HbA1c(P=0.000),CREA(P=0.006),hs-CRP(P=0.011),WBC(P=0.000)and NEU%(P=0.000).But only 4 parameters,including DM duration(OR=0.925),smoking history(OR=3.576),HDL-C(OR=2.839)and FPG(OR=0.819)were independent risk factors.Conclusion The DM patients who have long DM duration,smoking history,poor glycemic control and reduction of HDL-C are inclined to suffer CHD.

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