The relationship of the extent and severity of angiographic coronary artery disease with fasting plasma glucose

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SU Hai-yan()
PAN Chang-yu()
LIU Min()
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Volume 16, Issue 04, 2008
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Abstract: Objective To evaluate the correlation of fasting plasma glucose with the extent and severity of angiographic coronary artery disease(CAD)in patients who underwent coronary angiography.Methods A total of 913 consecutive patients who underwent coronary angiography were selected in the study.The extent and severity of angiographic CAD were diagnosed by:① whether or not with CAD diagnosis by angiography;② the number of diseased vessels;③ The CAD Gensini cumulative index.Data were analyzed by univariate and multivariate analyses.Results Multivariate analysis showed that the fasting plasma glucose had significant correlation with the extent and severity of angiographic coronary artery disease,which reasons included:①The FPG had significant correlation with the diagnosis or not of CAD by angiography(OR=1.462,95%CI:1.178-1.813,P=0.001);②After adjusting age,sex and other influencing factors,FPG had significant correlation with the number of diseased vessels(r=0.164,P<0.01)and with the CAD Gensini cumulative index(r=0.088,P<0.05).Univariate analysis revealed that the number of diseased vessels was increased along with the increasing FPG even in prediabetic period.Conclusions The extent and severity of angiographic coronary artery disease have significant correlations with the fasting plasma glucose,and the extent and severity can increase along with the increasing FPG even in prediabetic period.

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