Study of correlations of ABCA1 R219K gene polymorphism with coronary heart disease in subjects with type 2 diabetes

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LIU Jing()
GAO Qing-ge()
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Volume 16, Issue 02, 2008
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Abstract: Objective To investigate the relationship of the polymorphism of ATP-binding cassette transporter 1(ABCA1) R219K with coronary heart disease(CHD) in Chinese Han type 2 diabetic patients. Methods 83 normal subjects and 143 T2DM patients [71 combined with CHD (CHD+),72 without CHD(CHD-)]were enrolled in this study.The genotype and allele frequencies of ABCA1 R219K genetic variation were assayed by polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP). Results Groups of NC,CHD-and CHD+ showed that frequencies of KK genotype were 19.3%,16.7%,4.2% separately,and the frequencies of K allele were 42.2%,38.9%,31.7% separately.The genotypes in the CHD+ group were significantly different from the NC and CHD-groups (χ2=7.441,P=0.024;χ2=9.453,P=0.009).The KK genotype had a significantly higher HDL-C level than RR and RK genotypes(all P<0.05). Conclusions The ABCA1 R219K gene polymorphism may be correlated to CHD.

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