Effect of individual diet education on management of diabetic patients

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FAN Li-feng()
LUAN Xiu-xiang()
ZHENG Ya-guang()
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Volume 14, Issue 02, 2006
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Abstract: Objective To explore the effect and methods of individual diet education on management of diabetic patients. Methods 102 patients with diabetes were interviewed by diabetic diet questionnaire, and individual diet education program were carried out with food models. “Diet Knowledge Score”, “Food Practice Score”, FBG and PBG were observed and compared before and after education. Results “Diet Knowledge Score”, “Food Practice Score” were improved significantly after education (P<0.01). The number of the patient′s excellence score was increased after education(P<0.01). FBG and PBG were lowered significantly after education (P<0.01). Conclusions Individual diet education improving the management of diabetes mellitus is necessary,feasible and effective.

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