An investigation of the prevalence of diabetes mellitus and its complications and/or comorbidities in Urumqi City population

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Volume 12, Issue 04, 2004
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Abstract: Objective To investigate the prevalences of diabetes and its macrovascular complications in Urumqi population. Methods The inhabitants of a community in Urumqi were investigated and the subjects were divided into four groups according to different glucose metab olic states: normal glucose tolerance(NGT), impaired fasting glucose (IFG), impa ired glucose tolerance (IGT) and diabetes mellitus(DM) after 75 g oral gluco se tolerance test. Serum lipid, blood pressure, body height, and body weight w ere measured, at the same time the inquiries of cardiovascular and cerebrovascul ar events were made on the past history. Results (1)The pre valences of DM and IGT in this community were 8.68% and 9.02% respectivel y; (2) With the increase of age, the prevalence of abnormal glucose metaboli sm became higher; (3)There were the different prevalences of hypertension, dysli pidemia and obesity in the different glucose metabolic states, but the prevalenc es of cerebrovascular and cardiovascular events did not reach statistical differ ence in this less cases study; (4)Among diabetics, there was no differen ce in the prevalences of macrovascular complications and comorbidities betwe en male and female, but there was the above difference between male and female w ithout diabetics; (5)The prevalences of hypertension, dislipidemia and cardiovas cular events were lower in female less than 50 years old than those over 50 yea rs old. Conclusion There are higher prevalences of DM and IGT in this community. The prevalences of hypertension, dyslipidemia and obesity in the population with abnormal glucose metabolism are higher than those in population with NGT.

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