The survey of the situation of metabolic syndrome in the population of Dongcheng District of Beijing

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Volume 12, Issue 03, 2004
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Abstract: Objective To investigate the situation of metabolic syndrome in the resident of Beijing Methods The physical examination and 75 g OGTT were carried out in the people with FBG≥100 mg/dl and/or 2 hBG≥120 mg/dl to analyze the situation of metabolic syndrome Results There were high levels of overweight(37 0%), obesity(8 8%), abdominal obesity(48 4%), hypertension (21 7%), impaired glucose regulation(18 6%), diabetes(7 9%), and dyslipidemia in this group The prevalences of these metabolic disorders were higher in men more than in women and higher prevalence was found in the old people The mean value of HOMA IR was increased with ageing, and the peak value of HOMA IR was found in the people over 60 years old Conclusion The situation of metabolic syndrome in Dongcheng District of Beijing is severe The results calculated using China Ⅱ MS criteria is more consistent to that calculated using WHO MS criteria

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