The evaluation of the risks of cardio-and cerebro-vascular events associated with metabolic syndrome in the cohort aged over 40 years in Huayang community of Shanghai by the different MS diagnostic criteria

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Volume 12, Issue 03, 2004
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Abstract: Objective To compare the risk of incidence of cardiovascular events associated with the metabolic syndrome defined by WHO(1999) and NCEP ATPⅢ(2001) and to explore an available diagnostic definition of MS in China, and to assess its value on the prediction of cardiovascular events Methods A total of 971 subjects aged over 40 years with a follow up of 5 years in Huayang community of Shanghai were included The metabolic syndrom predicted cardiovascular risks were compared among the four MS definitions of the WHO(1999), ATPⅢ(2001), Chinese suggested definition Ⅰ and Ⅱ Results The relative risks(RR) of cardiovascular events associated with the metabolic syndrome using WHO(1999) and ATPⅢ(2001) definitions were 3 92 and 2 66 respectively Using Chinese suggested definition Ⅰ and Ⅱ, the RR of cardiovascular events associated with the metabolic syndrome were 6 59 and 5 43 respectively and the RR of stroke were 2 61 and 2 44 Conclusion Among four definitions of the metabolic syndrome(WHO,ATPⅢ, Chinese suggested definition Ⅰ and Ⅱ ), Chinese suggested definition Ⅰ predicts the risk of cardiovascular events most strongly In addition, the Chinese suggested definition Ⅰ is more simple, practical and easy to popularize

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