The prevalence of depression and its risk factors in type 2 diabetics

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Volume 11, Issue 01, 2003
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Abstract: Objective To investigate the prevalence of depression and its risk factors in type 2 diabetics. Methods We conducted a cross sectional study of type 2 diabetics from inpatients and the clinic in our hospital. Zung self rating depression scale (SDS) was used to screen depression in 222 patients [male 115,female 107,aged (56±13)) y, duration of (7±6)y]. Depression was defined when the depression index was more than 0.5. Meanwhile, the demographic data,metabolic data and diabetes related health behaviors were also investigated. Results 58 of 222 type 2 diabetics had depression.Variables selected into the Logistic regression equation included demographic data, diabetes related health behaviors,SBP,DBP,FBG,2 h PBG, HbA 1c , CH,TG,HDL C, LDL C and the number of chronic diabetic complications.Variables went into the unconditional univariate Logistic regression equation included sex, duration,HbA 1c TG,CH and the number of diabetic chronic complications. Variables went into the unconditional multivariate Logistic regression equation included sex, duration, HbA 1c and the number of diabetic chronic complications. Conclusion The prevalence of depression in type 2 diabetics is 26.1%. Sex, duaration, HbA 1c and the number of diabetic chronic complications are independent risk factors of depression, and TG,CH are secondary risk factors of depression.

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