Plantar pressure in Chinese patients with diabetes

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Volume 10, Issue 05, 2002
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Abstract: Objective To investigate the relationship between plantar foot pressure and peripheral neuropathy in Chinese diabetics. Methods Plantar foot pressure in walking was measured in 58 normal individuals [average age:(47.4±11.1) years] (group C), and 105 diabetic patients, including 30 cases [average age:(55.9±8.8) years; duration of diabetes: (5.77±6.11) years] with peripheral neuropathy (group DN) and 75 cases [average age: (48.6±10.4) years; duration: (1.36± 1.86 ) years] without distinct peripheral neuropathy (group DM). Results There was no significant difference in body weight among 3 groups. The duration of diabetes in group DN was longer than that in group DM. The average peak plantar foot pressure in group DN (3.71±0.79) kg/cm 2 was significantly higher than that in both of group DM(3.00±0.80) kg/cm 2 ( P <0.001) and group C (2.84 ±0.57) kg/cm 2 ( P <0.001), but in no difference between group DM and group C. The maximum pressure in the midfoot and the second toe region was significantly lower, and the second metatarsal loading pressure significantly higher in group DN compared with group C. Conclusion Diabetic patients with peripheral neuropathy have greater plantar foot pressure which perhaps increases the risk of developing foot ulceration.

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