Changes of waist, hip and thigh circumferences in siblings of first degree relatives in type 2 diabetes mellitus families

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Volume 10, Issue 05, 2002
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Abstract: Objective To investigate the variations of waist(W), hip(H) and thigh(T) circumferences and their significances in siblings of first degree relatives of type 2 diabetes, who were in normal or abnormal glucose tolerance. Methods 406 families of type 2 diabetes were identified from a total of 560 families with clinical symptoms of type 2 diabetes, excluding families with type 1 diabetes, mitochondria diabetes or families with insufficient samples. The siblings of first degree relatives in those families were divided into three groups: (1) 425 cases with normal glucose tolerance (NGT); (2) 79 cases with impaired glucose tolerance (IGT), and 694 cases with diabetes mellitus (DM). The above three groups were evaluated against the control group (C) with 429 persons which consisted of their spouses with normal glucose tolerance from non diabetes families. The circumferences of waist, hip and thigh were compared among those groups and the differences of six factors including each ratio between any two of the three circumferences were assessed. Results The waist circumference, waist/hip ratio(WHR), waist/thigh ratio(WTR), and hip/thigh ratio(HTR) in DM group were larger or higher than those in control group, whereas hip and thigh circumferences were smaller or lower ( P values of waist circumference 0.006 and others <0.001). The WHR and WTR in NGT group were larger or higher than those in control group ( P value 0.0009,0.0045 respectively) whereas thigh circumferences were smaller or lower ( P value 0.0321). The differences were all significant statistically. The waist circumferences, WHR and WTR had gradually increasing trend from C , NGT, IGT to DM group, whereas hip and thigh circumferences had gradually decreasing trend. Furthermore, after excluding diabetics with insulin therapy or BMI<20 or FPG>14 mmol/L,the above trends were obvious. Conclusion The body adipose tissues seems to re distributed and to accumulate in the central areas of human body among the patients with abnormal glucose metabolism. This indicates a tendency of waist circumference enlargement and hip and thigh circumferences reduction. This research also indicates that the persons with NGT from the siblings of first degree relatives are differed from those with normal glucose metabolism in our communities. This phenomenon seems to relate to genetics.

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