Repaglinide for the Beta-cell Function Testing

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Volume 10, Issue 03, 2002
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Abstract: Objective To evaluate the role of Repaglinide on the B cell function in diabetics. Methods Oral glucose tolerance insulin release test (OG IRT) were performed firstly, and 2 or 3 days later 2 mg Repaglinide was taken orally (Repaglinide’s test) before OG IRT was repeated in 31 type 2 diabetic subjects. The levels of serum glucose and insulin were measured, and the areas of insulin under the curve (AIUC) were calculated. Results The levels of insulin and the AIUC were higher in the Repaglinide’s test than that in the OG IRT ( P<0.001 ). The increment of the AIUC between the OG IRT and Repaglinide’s test was positively correlated with BMI and negatively with the levels of fasting plasma glucose. Conclusion Repaglinide OG IRT may reflect the reserved B cell function better than the routine OG IRT.

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