A study on postprandial blood pressure and heart rate in hypertensive diabetes

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Volume 10, Issue 03, 2002
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Abstract: Objective To study the change in postprandial blood pressure and heart rate in hypertensive and type 2 diabetic patients. Methods Subjects were assigned to three groups: the essential hypertension (EH, n= 71); the type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM, n= 49) and the hypertension with DM (DM+EH, n= 67). We evaluated changes in blood pressure and heart rate after a meal by 24 hour blood pressure monitoring in 187 hospitalized patients who received a diet containing standarded nutritional in lunch. Results From 30 min to 60 min after the test meal, the postprandial blood pressure and heart rate increased in the EH subgroup ( P <0.01),and recovered after 90 min,however,the postprandial blood pressure and heart rate decreased significandly in the DM subgroup and DM+EH subgroup from the 30 min to 90 min ( P <0.01),and recovered after 120 min .Heart rate of the DM and DM+EH group was higher than that of EH group before a diet ( P <0.01). Conclusion There were significant differences in postprandial blood pressure and heart rate between essential hypertensive patients and DM patients. The postprandial blood pressure and heart rate increased in the EH, but decreased in the DM and DM+EH.

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