Variations of growth hormone and its significance in diabetes an d diabetic microangiopathy

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Zhou Guilan()
Li Jing()
Gan Peizhen()
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Volume 9, Issue 02, 2001
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Abstract´╝Ü Objective To observe the variation of growth hormone in diabetes and diabetic microangiopathy and to probe its clinic significance.Methods Blood samples of 8 cases of control group,30 patients with diabetic noncomplication and 37 patients with diabetic microanglopathy were tested for GH,Ins,BS,HbA1c and lipid.Results Fasting growth hormone (FGH) levels in the diabetic microangiopathy group were significantly higher than that in the other 2 groups ( P <0.01).Significant difference of FGH was not observed between the diabetes group and control group ( P >0.05).There was no significant difference in 2h postprandial growth hormone (DGH) levels in all three groups ( P >0.05) FGH was positive correlated with HbA1c( r =0.546, P <0.01),LDL(( r =0.379, P <0.05),Lp(a) ( r =0.430, P <0.01),FBS( r =0.437, P <0.01)and UAER ( r =0.486, P <0.01);but was not correlated with fast plasma insulin ( r =-0.029, P >0.05) and duration( r =0.22, P >0.05).Conclusion The elevation of GH involved in the pathogenesis of diabetic microangiopathy possibly by exacerbation of disorders of glucose and lipid metabolism.

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