Changes in ultrastructure and function of the aorta in diabetic rats and the effects of Losartan

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Zhou Min()
ZHONG Huiju()
Wu Xiaoying()
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Volume 9, Issue 02, 2001
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Abstract: Objective To investigate the alteration in ultrastructure and function of the aorta in different times in diabetic rats and the effects of Losartan.Methods Male SD rats were randomly divided into normal control group (NC)、diabetes control group (DC)、 diabetes group treated with Losartan [20mg/(kg·d)]which were administered after 5 weeks.At 4、8 and 16 weeks after injecting STZ,blood glucose,plasma endothelin-1 and angiotensin Ⅱ were measured respectively.Aortic endothelial cell were also observed under electron microscope at 8、16 weeks.Results In DC group,there were mitochondria edema and vacuolization in the aortic endothelial cells at 8 weeks,and extensive endothelial cell necrosis and exfoliation at 16 weeks,while pathological changes in DL group were abated significantly.Plasma Ang Ⅱ level were increased significantly in DC group,and plasma ET-1 level were obviously increased at 8 weeks and greatly decreased at 16 weeks.In DL group,plasma AngⅡ level elevated significantly,while plasma ET-1 level declined ( P >0.05) compared with DC group at 16 weeks.Conclusion The ultrastructure and function undergo pathological changes with the development of diabetes mellitus.Losartan can obviously improve pathological changes of the ultrastructure and function in diabetic rats and protect the aorta of diabetic rats.

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