The changes of some cytokines in the newly-diagnosed patients of type 1 diabetes mellitus

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GONG Chunxiu()
YAN Chun()
Zhu Cheng()
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Volume 9, Issue 01, 2001
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Abstract: Objective To find out the role of cytokines (CK) in the pathogenesis of type 1 diabetes and the relationship between CK and metabolism and inheritance.Methods We measured the level of six cytokines,C peptide,insulin with RIA or ELISA,defined HLA gene types with blot hybridization of type 1 diabetes patients and determined HbA1c of newly diagnosed diabetes patients.SPSS soft package was used in data analysis.Results IL 2 and IL 4 were lower,and IL 1β,the ratios of IFN γ/IL 4 and IL 12/IL 4 were higher significantly in the patient group than that in the control group.IL 12 correlated positively with IFN γ,IL 4,and IL 1β respectively.There was positive correlation between the ratio of IL 12/IL 4 and the ratio of IFN γ/IL 4,between fasting insulin level and IL 1β,and between fasting C peptide level and IL 12.Conclusion Newly diagnosed diabetes patients had a defect of IL 4,IL 2 secretion and an elevation of IL 1 β.T H1 bias exited in type 1 diabetic patients.The positive lineal relation between fasting insulin and IL 1 β and between fasting C peptide and IL 12 exited.TNF α elevated in HLA DQB1*0301 carrier compared with non carrier.

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