The intimal-medial wall thickness of common carotid artery in type 2 DM

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Lu Wenkai()
Miao Xiaoping()
Han Dongshen()
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Volume 8, Issue 05, 2000
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Abstract: Objective In order to ascertain the change of IMT in patients with type 2 DM and the relationship between IMT and various risk factors.Methods Using B-mode ultrasonography to measure the IMT in 123 diabetics and 102 healthy controls and to compare the clinical data between two DM groupes.Results ① The IMT of both diabetics and controls increased with the age.The IMT of every age group was obviously thicker in diabetics than in controls ( P <0 05~ P <0.01).The IMT of diabetics at the age of 30~ and 40~ was the same as that of 50~ and 60~.②The IMT of controls was 0.61±0.07mm,98% of them was <0.8mm.The IMT of diabetics was 0.85±0.41mm,56% of them was ≥0.8mm.③SBP、DBP、the duration of hypertension,FIns,24h UALB,the percentage of CHD and CVD were apparently higher;ISI was obviously lower in group of IMT≥0.8mm than in group of IMT<0.8mm( P <0 05~ P <0.01).There was no significant difference in the duration of DM,the FBG,2hBG、HbA1c,2hIns,TC and TG between two groups.Conclusion The increase of IMT in type 2 DM develops early and rapidly.The increase of UALB is the marker of the thickened IMT.The chance of CHD and CVD in patients with IMT≥0.8mm is increased.It can be seen that hypertention,hyperinsulinimia and insulin resistance accelarate the AS since carly phase.

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