Effects of puerar in injection on diabetic peripheral neuropathy

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Lin Jiayi()
Dai Lun()
Xu Jiegui()
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Volume 8, Issue 05, 2000
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Abstract: Objective To investigate the effects of puerar in injection on the diabetic preipheral neuropathy (DPN).Methods Comparing sixty-six cases in puerar treat group with twenty-two cases in mecobalamin control group.And observing the effects of puerar in injection on the electromyo graphy,FBG,HbAlc,hemorheology and erythrocyte polyol.Results Marked effective rate:51.51% (treat group);22.72% (control group) ( P <0 01).Effective rate:89.39% (treat group ); 58.10% (control group) ( P <0 05).In treat group after treatment,FBG fell slightly without any meaning in statistics ( P >0 05);HbA1c decreased markedly ( P <0 01);hemorheology improved evidently;erythrocyte polyol decreased conspicuously ( P <0 01).Conclusion Puerar in injection has a good effect in DPN remedy.

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