Study on the relationship between type 2 diabetics and the defects of insulin signal transduction

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Li Xinrong()
Zhang Li()
Xu Heng()
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Volume 8, Issue 05, 2000
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Abstract´╝Ü Objective Through the determination of the insulin receptor and its signal transducers,we tried to find the defects in the common pathway of insulin signal transduction in type 2 DM and to lay a foundation to discover the pathogenesis and effective drugs.Methods Using 32 P-labeling method to determine the activity of TPK and MAPK.Using Fluo 3-AM as fluorescent probe to determine intracellular calcium of patients with type 2 DM.Using photometry to determine the concentration of NO.Results The activities of TPK,MAPK remarkably descended and the concentration of NO also greatly descended compared with healthy people.The concentration of intracellular calcium increased compared with healthy people.Conclusion The defects of the related signal molecule in insulin signal transduction of type 2 DM existed.

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