The evaluation and intervention of psychological trauma of the fire fighters took part in WENCHUAN earthquake post-disaster relief

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ZHAO Chang-jiang(The Third Hospital of Foshan City, Foshan 528041, China)
LI Xue-song(The Third Hospital of Foshan City, Foshan 528041, China)
XIE Guo-jun(The Third Hospital of Foshan City, Foshan 528041, China)
Journal Title:
Volume 04, Issue 02, 2010
10.3760/cma.j.issn 1673-8799.2010.02.02
Key Word:
Fire fighters;Psychological trauma;Psychological intervention

Abstract: Objective To assessment the mental health status and the effects of implementation of psychological intervention on the maintenance of health, treatment and prevention of secondary psychological trauma of the fire fighters take part in post-disaster relief. Methods 33 fire fighters who took part in postdisaster relief was set as Study Group, and then randomly selected 33 fire fighters who did not take part in post-disaster relief as the control group. The Study Group used collective, group and one-to-one psychological counseling for psychological intervention. Six months later, evaluate the psychological condition of the study group. Results After psychological intervention, the fire fighters who took part in post-disaster relief feel better than before, emotional stability, and flashback symptoms disappeared; the experience of anxiety and fear rapid alleviated. Psychological intervention can assist them in passing through the psychological trauma, reducing the adverse effects of post-disaster psychological stimulate factors and protect and enhance the mental health level of fire fighters. Conclusion Early psychological intervention for fire fighters psychological problems and psychological trauma occurred in the course of relief has a significant effect. psychological intervention can help the fire fighters proventing the secondary psychological traumas.

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