Investigation into prolapse of gastric mucosa treated by endoscopic radiofrequency electrocautery

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QIAO Chuan-hu(Department of Gastroenterogy,the Firs tPeople's Hospital of Xiangfan,Xiangfan Hubei 441000,P.R China)
YU Jie-ping()
ZHAO Li-ping(Department of Gastroenterogy,the Firs tPeople's Hospital of Xiangfan,Xiangfan Hubei 441000,P.R China)
Journal Title:
Volume 2, Issue 07, 2008
Key Word:
Prolapse of gastric mucosa;Gastroseopy;Radiofiequency electrocautery therapy

Abstract: Objective To investigate the effects and safety of endoscopic radiofrequency electrocautery therapy on prolapse of gastric mucosa.Methods The 376 patients with prolapse of gastric mueosa diagnosed by gastroseopy were divided into radiofrequency electrocautery therapy group(n=270)and control group(n=106)on the basis the patient's informed consent.Prolaping gastric mucosain and close to the pyloras was coagulated,which blocked up pyloric canal resulted in clinical symptoms.Every patient had received oral omeprazole masnisium 20 mg per day for 3 weeks.These patients were followed up the changes of symptoms and gastroscopy after 1 month.Results The rate of follow-up symptoms was 96.67%、and92.45%respectively and the rate of follow up gastroscopy was 87.78%and 83.96%respectively in radiofrequency eleetrocautery therapy and control group after 1 month.Compared with control group(45.92%),the symptomatic effective rate of radiofrequency electrocautery therapy group(92.34%)signiticanfly increased(P<0.01).There were significant differences between effective rate of endoscopic therapy group(100%)and that of control group(12.36%)(P<0.01).There was not caries of gastric hemorrhage and perforation.Conclusion The endoscopic radiofrequency electrocautery which is treated prolapse of gastric mucosa has the characteristics of easy manipulation,certain therapeutic effect and hiSh safety.

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