The expression of AP-1 in pancreatic tumor cells

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SHEN Xiao-yu(Department of the Forth Internal Medicine, the Tumor Hospital of Liaoning Province, Shenyang ,Liaoning 110042, China)
Journal Title:
Chinese Journal of Primary Medicine and Pharmacy
Volume 19, Issue 20, 2012
Key Word:
Genes, AP-1 ; Pancreatic neoplasms

Abstract: Objective To investigate the expression of AP-1 in pancreatic tumor cells and its clinical significance.Methods Selected the paraffin-embedded specimens from the tumor tissues of 35 patients with pancreatic cancer(study group) and 35 pancreatic tissue of healthy people(control group),and double antibody sandwich ABCELISA detection of AP-1 was carried out,two sets of specimens C-JUN and C-FOS expression was observed.Results Observation group C-JUN and C-FOS expression positive rates were 80.00% 71.43%,control group,C-JUN and C-FOS expression positive rates were 22.86%,28.57%,there was a significant difference between the two groups.Conclusion AP-1 was highly expressed in pancreatic cancer,which could guide clinical take reasonable interventions to slow tumor development.

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